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7th to 9th June 2019 - BioNanoPark Łódż, Poland

Biohack II 2019

Join us to hack your future!

Biohack 2018 - picture of participants

During Biohack II Łódź 2019 hackathon you will:

  • form cross-functional teams (4-5 persons) bridging biology and informatics
  • work on data provided by BioNanoPark and our partners
  • be provided with an experienced mentor during the project
  • have a great time at our afterparty!

*** We can provide rooms in Politechnika Lodzka dormitories for the event. The cost is 30 PLN per night. If you are interested, please contact us. ***

Why should you participate in Biohack 2019 bioinformatics hackathon?

  1. Work with interesting people making interesting projects
    Novel techniques of genome study enabled scientinsts to rethrieve waste amount of data from living organisms. However, their analysis and correct interpretation might be a challenge without quantitative analysis. Bioinformatics helps us with this challeng and enables better understanding of diseases outcome, the function of genes, the regulation of cells, drug target selection and drug design.
  2. Find a job in bioinformatics
    BioHack will have a special platform to connect industry with new talent. You will have a chance to present yourself to regional and global leaders in the field, headhunters, meet and work with interesting people, and most of all to give it a try in fast-growing interdisciplinary area.
  3. Get a prize
    Two best projects will be awarded financial prizes, as well as there is an opportunity for the sponsors to endow particular project with a special individualized prize. Best solutions to given problems will be judged by the board of experts.

Here you can find Biohack exemplary tasks that may appear on the hackathon.

If you have any questions? Read FAQ! Maybe you’ll find an answer

Rules and Regulations (wersja polska)


Biohack is a competition in a form of hackathon within bioinformatics field. Competitors formed teams to take part in the first hackathon aimed for bioinformaticians/biologists/programmers/geneticists in Poland. Each of competing teams received genetic and phenotypic data gathered from all around the country. During BioHack Łódź 2018 sessions the teams sought answers to real-world problems.

Read more about Biohack 2018 on Boostbiotech webite(Polish version)[click]


Our Partners in Biohack 2019

This event is possible thanks to our partners.


Biohack - bioinformatics hackathon