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May 18-20, 2018 (Łódź, Poland)



Join us to hack your future!

Biohack is a competition in a form of hackathon within bioinformatics field. Competitors will form teams to take part in the first hackathon aimed for bioinformaticians/biologists/programmers/geneticists in Poland. Each of competing teams will receive genetic and phenotypic data gathered from all around the country. During BioHack Łódź 2018 sessions the teams will seek answers to real-world problems.
What I will do on Biohack Łódź 2018?

During Biohack Łódź 2018 hackathon you will:

  • form cross-functional teams(4-5 persons) bridging biology and informatics
  • work on data provided by BioBank Łódź and our partners
  • be provided with an experienced mentor during the project
  • have a great time at our afterparty

Why should you participate in Biohack Łódź 2018 bioinformatics hackathon?

  1. Work with interesting people making interesting projects
    The Human genome and patient data with its’ local and regional variability are hugely underexplored. In the age of rapidly growing computational potential, at last, we are able to stand up to the challenge. Analyze increasing genomic data even faster. Come up with scientifically sound solutions.
  2. Find a job in bioinformatics
    BioHack will have a special platform to connect industry with new talent. You will have a chance to present yourself to regional and global leaders in the field, headhunters, meet and work with interesting people, and most of all to give it a try in fast-growing interdisciplinary area.
  3. Get a prize
    Three best projects will be awarded financial prizes, as well as there is an opportunity for the sponsors to endow particular project with a special individualized prize. Best solutions to given problems will be judged by the board of experts.

Here you can find Biohack exemplary tasks that may appear on the hackathon.

If you have any questions? Read FAQ! Maybe you’ll find an answer




Application forms are open until 23:59 on May 4. Information about qualifying for the competition will be sent within the next week.

Timeline and the venue will be known later. Keep in touch!


Our partners

This event is possible thanks to our partners.

For partners

Are you looking for talented bioinformaticians or just want to promote your company during BioHack? We are open to your offers.

Our Team

Vladyslav Hubar

Vladyslav Hubar

Project Manager
Karolina Matulewicz

Karolina Matulewicz

Project Support Officer
Anhelina Paskarenko

Anhelina Paskarenko

Project Support Officer
Igor Filipiuk

Igor Filipiuk

Business & Marketing Specialist
    Magdalena Górecka

    Magdalena Górecka

    Marketing Consultant
    Anna Pietraszewska

    Anna Pietraszewska

    Social Media Consultant
    Karolina Boguszewska

    Karolina Boguszewska

    Project Consultant
    Michał Cichorek

    Michał Cichorek

    IT Specialist


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